Still I Rise: Remix


“Still I Rise: Remix” is a visual, lyrical, digital interactive fight song for civic action for the Black Lives Matter social justice and social change movement. Created during and by the stressors intensified from the global pandemic, this JavaScript interactive poetry remix embraces the digital activism made exponential during the pandemic through the platformization of counternarratives. The remix blends multiple digital mediums with cultural artifacts of the past and present to weave together a rhetorical and semiotic interactive experience that enlightens society and uplifts the human spirit. Through multimodality and intertextuality, “Still I Rise - Remix” exploits the aesthetics of the digital interactive experience through multiple artistic forms of expression, including code, video, audio, and hypertext. This COVID E-Lit interactive exhibition is a multimodal expression and declarative statement for the Black Lives Matter movement which embodies the spirit of change, inclusion, and social justice. “The medium is the message.” Experience “Still I Rise - Remix.”